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Bespoke engineering to meet your needs

Our Aim is to work in a way that is tailored to your needs. Rather than let you struggle with an off the shelf package that does not contain what you really need and has a lot you don’t.

We are not tied to any manufacturers and are therefore free to supply the product that is best for your particular job. We have researched and tested a range of commercial products and are therefore in a position to make suggestions as to the most suitable supplier for your job. Where possible we do all our work ‘in house’ because we like to ensure a consistent high quality result. However if we do have to subcontract work we always make every effort to ensure we have tested the contractor ourselves first.

Our Policy

  • We always have full discussions about your needs that include the budget for the project before we start work
  • We value the personal touch and will always keep you informed throughout your project
  • You can observe work in progress
  • A high quality product that is fit for purpose
  • What you need when you need it
  • We generally work 24/7 so can do an urgent job when it is needed
  • We can make many parts that may be bespoke or ‘hard to come by’ in our workshop

David Gemzoe, Sole Proprietor

Dave studied motorsport engineering at Huddersfield and Swansea before working for the highly successful Taylor’s Foundry Caterham racing team. Dave used to be a regular participant in the Caterham 7 speed championship where he was class 3 champion three times. More recently work has had to take precedence but he tests all his prototypes on his own Caterham before making them generally available.

Most customers want a service that is available when they need it so Dave is open evenings and weekends to support you when you need that vital job doing for the race tomorrow! He is able to fabricate parts for that difficult replacement when they are needed.


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